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About Us

Miked child care and maternal services, is founded by Eddy, a young health entrepreneur who has passion to help women of childbearing ages pull strong perinatal years with ease while having a good state of mind too. The company stands out in offering excellent services to reduce stress, anxiety and depression for women during perinatal years while teaching our clients ways of proper caregiving all for a better long term outcome in our society


At the heart of our business is a deep rooted devotion to provide care, warmth and forge a bond based on providing genuine support.


Time is the currency of life. We are purposeful, exact and timely with our sevices and measures.


This is the core of our business model.  We earn our clients trust by providing value and by all means keep them with fidelity.


Exctement to serve drive us to go beyond our customer expectatons to meet need with value.

Our Vision

To be the foremost reference point and service provider in all aspects of women’s health care services by offering the finest brand of bespoke value loaded support.

Our Mission

To put affordable women’s healthcare within reach for every woman. To educate, enlighten and inform women from all walks of life towards ensuring their best all round well being

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