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Your baby is coming real soon! Before that day arrives, here are 13 must-dos to add to your list before delivery.

You’re just weeks away from welcoming your newborn into your arms. And if you feel that there’s still so much to be done, chances are you’re not alone. Use this handy guide to help you tick off your to-do list in the next few weeks.

Set Up the Nursery
You’ll probably need your husband’s help for this but in the weeks before your baby is due to arrive, be sure to paint the nursery, spend time setting up the cot, changing table and any other furniture that you’ve bought for the nursery. If delivery comes with assembly, even better! Don’t forget to get a comfortable armchair for feeding your baby as well as for some shuteye while your baby naps. When everything is ready, don’t forget to decorate the nursery. Add some paintings, pictures or colourful mobiles and toys and you’re good to go. And in the days before you’re due, be sure to get the cot ready for when your baby gets home.

Wash and Dry
Your nesting instinct should have kicked in by now but if you have yet to get round to washing and getting ready all your baby’s clothes and linens, it’s time you did. Think onesies, booties, mittens, bedsheets, waterproof mattress protectors, washcloths, burp cloths (you’re going to need a lot of those) and whatever else you think you may need. Sort them and put them away in the cupboards or dressers as you wait for your baby’s arrival.

Time with the Husband
Before you start spending your days alternating between diaper changes and milk feeds, how about spending some time with the hubs. Once your baby is here things are bound to change so some one-on-one time is much needed. It’s a perfect time to dream about the future, go for a long leisurely dinner, catch a midnight show or you could book yourself a staycation if you’re up to it. It doesn’t matter what you decide to do, as long as you do it together.

Start Freezing Meals
If you’re not planning on going through confinement after you deliver or if you have other family members which you usually cook for, this might be a good time to plan the menu for a week or so after you deliver and cook and freeze your meals until you’re more comfortable with your new routine. This could also include snacks and treats for your older children as well.

Look for Alternative Childcare Arrangements if Necessary
If you have older kids and if they are not yet in school, you might want to arrange for alternative childcare arrangements while you settle into your new routine. Or if possible get your parents or parents-in-law to babysit them during the day. The same goes for pets if you’re not comfortable with introducing your fur kids to your new baby just yet.

Stock Up
Go on a shopping trip and get enough diapers and toiletries to last your baby for the first few weeks. This should also include cotton pads and baby wipes. Don’t forget to include your usual toiletries and skincare products as well.

Prep for a Feed
If you’re planning to breastfeed your baby, remember that you would still need to get milk storage bottles, a steriliser as well as a breast pump. Ensure you have enough nursing bras as well. If your breast pump is a hand-me-down or if it was used for your older child, be sure to test it out beforehand as the motor may have become faulty over the years. Re-purchase any of the accessories that need changing beforehand as well.

A Day of Pampering
Okay, you might not want to do this all in one day but in the weeks and days leading up to your due date, make time for a facial, haircut, a bikini wax and a pedicure. If there’s more that you want to add to that list, go right ahead and have fun while you’re at it!

Install the Car Seat
If you have a car and are planning to drive home from the hospital, don’t forget to get your car seat fitted before you make your way to the hospital. According to the Traffic Police, anyone below the height of 1.35m will be required to be secured with a child restraint appropriate for a person of that height and weight, and that includes your newborn baby. Sure, you might feel that you would want to hold him in your arms the whole way home but he’s far safer in the car seat.

Time Alone and Rest
Amidst all the things that need to be done, remember that you will still need to take it easy. So put your feet up once in a while and get cosy with a good book or a movie. Or just take this time before your baby comes to sleep—while you still can!

Read, Watch and Learn
If you’re a first-time mum, this is also a perfect time to read as much as you can about caring for your baby what to expect in the months following his arrival. Watching how-to videos on bathing and feeding your baby is just as useful and will definitely come in handy.

Pack Your Hospital Bag
Make a list of what you think you might need to get you through labour and add that to the things you’ll need during your stay at the hospital and when you’re ready to come home. Next, pack your hospital bag and put it beside your front door for it’s time to head to the hospital. If you want to be extra cautious, pack another hospital bag and leave it in the car. That way, if you go into labour while you’re out or at work, you’ll know everything you need is with you.

Have a Backup Plan
Ideally, you’ll want to go into labour when you’re at home and make your way to the hospital during the off-peak hours. But as we all know, when and where we go into labour isn’t always up to us. So be sure to have a backup plan or plans should you go into labour while you’re at work or if you’re out on your own.

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