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Move faster — and burn off dessert — with this get-nimble, get-quick routine.

Guess what? Agility drills aren’t just for border collies. In fact, they’re a crucial part of any workout plan. Being able to start, stop and change direction quickly builds stamina and sculpts insane, look-at-me legs — it may even help improve your memory and focus.

The explosive moves you
 see here are designed to make that good stuff happen. Oh, and they’ll send your fat burners into overdrive, says performance coach Joel Sanders, who created this routine. “More movement equals more kilojoules burnt, making
 these exercises ideal if 
you’re crunched for time,” explains Sanders. Even better: they’re mentally stimulating
 — something you don’t get with the typical squat or lunge. And you can do them in your lounge, no equipment needed. Score!

Two or three times a week, perform these moves as 
a circuit. Starting with the
 first exercise, do as many
 reps as you can in 20 seconds, then rest for 20 seconds before proceeding to the next exercise. Rest for one to two minutes at the end of the set. Complete 
up to five total sets.

Watch one of our WH Staffers perform the moves:

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