Possess a great passion for building a better society

Has an understanding of business development, organization, and marketing

Has strong communication skills

Must be committed to building a new company

Has good knowledge of client relationships & service knowledge

He or she is able to be selfless & show mutual respect in a team.

He or she is interested in helping women of childbearing ages

He or she Believes that maternal mental health support interventions are relevant for our society

He or she is able to commit a time that they will choose to work with the company.


  1. Ensures the welfare of other team members
  2. Ensures clients satisfaction by providing clients with problem solving resources
  3. Communicates Job expectations to team members
  4. Help generate sales leads, by building sustainable relationships where necessary
  5. Keeping Record of customers interaction and details of action taken

Benefits for team members

A chance to live their passion out

A chance to gain full employment with the organization

A chance to be among a team that values mutual respect and growth for her team members

A chance to make a positive impact in the society

A Chance to Boost their career path and interest

A good chance to work with a promising company that is committed to growth and Impact

Openings are currently closed for this role