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In January 2020, our team executed a maternal mental health intervention program at four primary health care centers in Surulere, lagos. We trained over 60 health care providers to offer maternal mental health interventions using our diagnostic tools which covers the preconception, pregnancy and postpartum interventions. After this project we recruited about 150 moms who visited the primary health care centers, Over 70 of these moms had an associated trigger of common perinatal mental disorders, there was a two weeks postpartum mom who lost her goods to the Balogun fire in December 2019, during her pregnancy, there was a mom who is the bread winner of a family of six, another teenage pregnant girl who was raped and taken advantage of, we decided to empower these women who’s trigger of common perinatal mental health problems is associated with the exposure to uncontrollable bad life circumstances. As you purchase this book, 70% of the proceeds from this book will be going into empowering these women, There is so much work to be done, but you can be a part of this by purchasing this book and beginning a step to promoting perinatal mental health for a better society.